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Ah, Freecycle! Gotta love it, right?
Well, maybe in your town. Mine… not so much?

Anyway – my cousin lives in Huntsville, AL and has an AWESOME freecycle group!
How do I know? Well, she just picked up *71* full skeins of yarn… and she doesn’t crochet!
So, why would she do such a thing? – for me! 😀 😀

I live in Louisiana, so I will be footing the shipping bill, but that’s a-ok with me!
I can’t wait!!!!!!
I dreamt about the yarn all night. I dreamt that people were coming out of the woodwork (celebrities!) begging for my crocheted goodies!
Tom Cruise wanted me to make a shawl for his girlfriend using vintage yarn… Katie Couric wanted a scarf, and… J-Lo herself, wanted a copy of my hideous version of her poncho!!!!!! 😆 😆

Boy, I was raking in some serious DOLLAs until the alarm clock (read Toddler banging me in the head screaming “it’s morning time. Sunshine! Get up, Mommy!”), woke me up.

your thoughts?