just jackie…

doing what Jackie does


Well, square number 9 is dangling from my G hook today. I’m almost finished. I decided to go with the pattern from Annie’s Attic, but right around row 6, I, say it together, class “got confused and started to wing it!” πŸ˜†

I really like the colors I chose, and I think it’s going to work very well as the Anniversary square.
Other than that – I’m getting ready to start on some ponchos.

I’ve been wanting to make one, but couldn’t really find one that screamed “Jackie”. Then, I found one, and feared making it, only to learn that ponchos were no longer ‘in’.
Some ladies at Crochetville said, “Wear one if you want to, regardless of the trend… which, BTW, doesn’t seem to be dying off…”
That made me feel better! So, I’m making one for myself, and my girlies… and I think I’ll make one for my cousin’s little girl while I’m at it.

I plan to start piecing together the ghan after finishing #9.
The colors look really great together. I’ll snap a pic of them all layed out.
I still have to pick patterns for squares 10 & 11, and it ain’t easy! πŸ™

10 is supposed to represent my MIL, but she’s not a dainty rose-type person. Nothing mean, just… well, she’s not dainty! πŸ˜†
Anyone have a pattern that’s a woman beating up a man? πŸ˜† Only joking.
I think these two will be the hardest to decide.
#12 is for my son – His date of birth is in December, so that was easy! πŸ˜‰

I was wanting to make something for my son’s teacher. She’s been a really great teacher and T will be going to junior high next year, and won’t be with her anymore! πŸ˜₯
Maybe a shawl? I have a week to decide and work something up! :-O

your thoughts?