just jackie…

doing what Jackie does


It’s Wednesday, and I feel great!! :cloud9:

Here’s what’s in the works-
It is going pretty quickly. I want to have it done by July 31, so I can start the squares for my MIL’s ghan.

This one will be done fast! Kinda mindless pattern 😉

want this done by July 25 – that’s when T comes home! :yay:

Lots on my WIM today.
I’m looking for 6″ square patterns for a squares swap.

Oh- and here’s the kerchief I made E:
and the shrug:
It needs a collar, but I’m out of ideas. Got any?

I finally get the DIY Network!
I don’t knit (as y’all probably know), but was anxious to watch “Knitty Gritty” on DIY. First few shows were more about yarn than knitting, so I got hooked… :rofl: (hooked on knitting – that’s hysterical)
Anyway- so now, after seeing a week’s worth, I’ve decided I could totally host a crochet show!
Yup- right here in hell-hot Louisiana! I’d invite all my hookin’ siblings
to join in the audience. Y’all could be the cro-crew, or crochet brigade (it’s a working title). Y’all could do guest appearances and show the latest techniques!

I’d work for yarn & patterns! cheeeeeeeeeeeeeap labor!

Oooooooh – doesn’t that sound dreamy!

your thoughts?