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Welp, since I’m officially starting my Summer Crochet Season, I thought I’d revisit that list on the right side of the screen, WIM list ’05.

It’s pretty long, and I’ve only crossed off a handful of items… Now, I’ve made alot more than I had there, but… well, you understand, right?

Ok, so this season, I’m hoping to:

  1. Make ponchos for my girls and me (or is that I? Insert correct pronoun here 😉 )
  2. Make a pair of Slippers for Ms. Pauly (My ‘wrong number’ friend)
  3. Make a hat for me
  4. Make some barefoot sandals for me
  5. Start on afghans for my children’s gifts
  6. Make a lapghan for Ms. Pauly
  7. Make a Cabbage Patch-type doll for each girl (or at least get started)
  8. Make a pair of shorts for each girl (should be higher on my list, but we have long summers here 😉 )
  9. Join some crochet swaps! I love swaps, but I always seem to arrive too late to sign up 😥 Not this time!
  10. Make 2 more hats for my auntie
  11. Make a few more halters
  12. Make myself a tank top! Gosh – that really should be at the top of the list!
  13. Make E a purse
  14. Make a hat & halter set for my cousin’s daughter

Whew! That’s long! Hmmm – I’m going to use the force and say, ‘You will complete all these projects. Then, you will make more projects
Ah, the force is strong with this one! 😆

Here’s what I didn’t get done:


  1. a chocolate cake
  2. a whole pie
  3. popcorn
  4. 1/2 dozen donuts
  5. baked potato
  6. glass of coke
  7. a milkshake
  8. banana split
  9. cupcakes
  10. fruits & veggies


  1. a few CPK sweaters
  2. A Debbie-Ann CPK doll


  1. headbands for me and my girls
  2. ponchos for my girls

Maybe in the fall? 😆

your thoughts?