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OK- before I begin, I know it may be hard to answer this question, but I need help, nonetheless!

I am determined to crochet a hat for myself this year!
I was all set to make this hat, but after reading Lisa’s blog about hats, I’m leaning more towards this pattern!

I consider myself to be kinda hippie-like:
(thisclose to natural in my home – homemade soaps & toiletries, cloth diapers on my babies, etc…), if that helps! I don’t have a “style” per se, really, other than my DIL calls me a retro-Bohemian (I don’t think it’s an insult!)
Anyway, I wear my hair short in an afro-like style, so I really think the Lil Bit of Funk hat is more me, but I think the Cloche is mega cute, too!
As you can see, this is a dilemma for me – so I set up a poll!
Going on the info I gave, please gimme your opinion for which hat I should go for.
Thanks in advance for your vote!

your thoughts?