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Shame on me – bad blogger!

I haven’t blogged, but in fairness, I haven’t been crocheting much either! 😥
I went to a friend’s house Friday and she walked me through knitting and purling! Hmm – guess that’s still not crocheting, is it? :rofl:

The last project I talked about was a scarf for me. I crocheted two more scarves this week. One for my youngest, and one for a 10 year old girl in our congregation. They both really liked it! 😀

Michael’s had fancy fur on sale last week, for $1 a skein, so I had to buy at least 3! My plan was, after reading the pattern on the wrapper (a one-skein knit short scarf), remember how to knit, and make scarves for me and my girlies.

*Sigh* I torture myself regularly with knitting! Even DH laughs at me, and sounds like every adult in that movie where the kid wants a Red Rider BB-Gun, “You’re gonna put your eye out!” DH is right – I spend more time with the knitting needles pointed towards my eyes than actual knitting! I… ugh!

But, my friend, Stacey, showed me in such a simple way, that, well, I’ll be ashamed to admit if I forget it! I have a book of knit dishcloth patterns that I’m going to practice with. I’ve already knit two dishcloths, and they haven’t fallen apart yet, so I guess I did ok.

Don’t fret – I will NEVER give up my hooks! I’m a crocheter through & through – I just hate the idea of something getting the better of me, yanno?

Why do I want to knit??? Well, some of the most beautiful felted bag patterns are knit. Now, I’m sure many can be converted to crochet (which I’ve got no problem doing, for the most part), but I’d like to try (as the summit of my knitting knowledge) to knit a felted bag!

Anyway, back on the crochet front:
I still want to make some fingerless gloves! They’re so cute… really!
I’m still working on that afghan! Ugh – I’m thinking it’ll be hot outside before it’s done!
I’d like to make a top or something for the girls. We are having our annual convention in June this year, and, while it’ll be 100 degrees plus, I’d like to wear something I made. Maybe not crocheted, but SOMETHING hand-made!

We’ll see…

your thoughts?