just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

Sheesh – I haven’t posted since Friday?!!!

I’ve been in a yarn stooper since then!
I was yarn shopping every day from Thursday to Monday!!

Hello, my name is J, and I’m a yarn-aholic!!

I have just joined a square swap, so that will use up a good amount of my stash. 😀

I’ve made another halter, so I think I can cross off “more halter tops” on my WIM list.
I finished R’s kerchief and received a request for one for my father’s daughter. That made me smile. She doesn’t seem to have appreciation for many things 🙄

I made “something” last night. It was my attempt at a shrug, but when I look at it, well, I just shrug! :rofl:
If my model cooperates, I’ll snap a few pics.

I’m currently working on a Harry Potter scarf for T. With the new book coming out this week, I thought he’s like it.
It’s an original pattern, so if anyone is interested, I’d be more than happy to share!

your thoughts?