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Crochet Olympics

Yeah, it was a cheesy title, but I’m feeling so flippin’ happy right now, so I had to go with it!

I finished my Crochet Olympics project – my custom designed felted tote!

1667This is the BACK (I placed the flower on the wrong side)
1670This is the FRONT

I’m so happy, that I’m going to share the pattern with y’all!

I dyed my wool with Kool-aide in a sun tea pitcher over the summer. Louisiana is great for sun dyeing! I just added 3 packs of kool-aide (well, the generic brand!), some water and a dash of vinegar and stuffed the yarn in. I left it in direct sun for about 2 hours.

Jackie’s Olympian Felted Tote
Fisherman’s Wool (I’m guessing about 4 oz)
Bamboo I hook

I forgot to measure pre-felting, so I don’t know the size. After felting, mine is approximately 12″ wide and 8″ tall.

1) Chain 44
2) HDC in 3rd ch from hook. HDC in each chain across. chain 2, turn. (42 HDC)
3) HDC in each HDC across. chain 2, turn.
4) HDC in first 13 HDC. Chain 16. Skip next 16 HDC. HDC in last 13 HDC. (Row should consist of 26 HDCs & 16 chains) Chain 2, turn.

5) HDC in each HDC and chain across. chain 2, turn. (42 HDC) 6) HDC in each HDC across. chain 2, turn. (42 HDC)

*Repeat Row 6 for 40 more rows. (46 Rows of 42 HDCs)
Row 47) Repeat Row 4
Row 48) Repeat Row 5
Row 49 & 50) Repeat Row 6, fasten off.

Sew up the sides of your bag. I used a contrasting color for the seam, and they show on the outside, but it’s really a preference as to how you do yours.

Toss in a pillow case (w/ knot on end to hold close), with some jeans or t-shirts (no towels) on HOT with COLD rinse.

I ran it through just one cycle and I was happy with the results, but you can repeat as often as needed to get the desired size.
After removing from the washer, I stuffed some plastic grocery bags in it to shape while drying.
If you notice, in the picture, I have a flower there. I felted it as well, but it was then accidentally tossed in the dryer by my son, which I guess caused it to FULL. It’s kinda neat looking!
So, thanks to T for a wonderful mistake!

6 thoughts on “What a felting!

  1. The food is marvelous !! Did you have a pattern for them or did you just make it up as you went along?? i can’t do that at all, so I especially admire the talent in others. I am pretty experienced, and do follow directions well. If you ever decide to print them, I’ll buy!

    Best wishes,



    Thanks for your kind words.? Some of my food items are my own design, but most are from out of print pattern books.

  2. I liked the look of your bag and the koolaide dyed yarn. So I thought I would try it . The only thing I did is I started from the bottom and made the purse in the round so you don’t have to join the two pieces. I also felted it thru two cycles and it helped to hide the stitches. Thanks for the inspiration.

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