just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

With all the folks coming up from Southwest LA and us locals
scurrying to the pumps – our town is OUT of gas!!!

They just announced it on the radio.
I drove around last night on 1/4 tank trying to find gas,
only to find plastic bags on pumps or lines so
long that I would’ve run out of gas waiting.
DH got up early this morning and filled up! *yay*

He’s out now trying to fill up our propane tank for the grill.
I hate having all electric!
I always took comfort in the knowledge that with gas, you can
still eat & stay warm if the lights went out! Sigh!

The weather is still dry, but getting very cloudy.
I know we’ll lose power, I just don’t know when.
Our home is surrounded by Pine trees, and it makes me nervous.
Very nervous! All of my THINGS are in my office, which is right next
to a big crop of trees.
Now, while I’m realizing my family are the most important right now,
I’m trying desperately to think of how I can save my STUFF. (smirk)
I have LOTS of STUFF:
Cabbage Patch Kids
YARN, Yarn… and YARN!!!
Soapmaking supplies
Fabric.. FABRIC, and FABRIC!!!
Sewing machines
and of course, my Computers.

I’m going to try to keep everyone updated by posts here.

I figure if I lose power, I may still be able to access my blog from
the library.
Boy, do I wish I had wireless internet!

your thoughts?