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I guess it’s easy to see that I’ve not been hookin’ near as much lately as I had been.

I’ve been in a slump of sorts – there are some health issues with my youngest (nothing life threatening, but they’re a constant thing right now, so that’s where my mind has been for about 2 months!)

She will be having surgery in August to correct the problem, so I am hopeful that it’ll ‘take’.

Anyway – I still need to take and post pictures of the last few things I crocheted. I ended up making 2 tank tops with my vintage pattern. I had intended on them to go to my oldest DD, but she complained that the top was ‘itchy’ – I made it with Simply Soft, so, I understood. My youngest snatched it, and dances around saying “I not itchy!” 😉

The second one I made with Aunt Lydia’s Denim. First off, let me say that this yarn was a total surprise for me!! I’d heard of it for eons, but assumed it was like Rug yarn or something. I went to my LYS and she happened to have a skein, and I wanted to try a lighter yarn for the tank top pattern. I was leary, (before I even saw or touched it), but as soon as I took a good look at it – and touched it – Oh My Goodness! This is one of the greatest yarns ever!

The skein is large enough to make 1 and a 1/2 of those tank tops!! I finished the top, and I think I’ll make a matching hat/kerchief! How great is that?

Now, I’d love to find more colors! Dillusions of all the things I could make have taken over — which is a good thing for me, cuz it means I’m getting my “cro-jo” back! *snort*

I really hope to stay more regular on posting here again! I miss my crochet buds!

Ha ha – and you know what else? I get to finally mark Kitchen Towels for the fridge off my to-do list!! That’s right – I’ve made 3 of them bad boys! I still have a few more to do, but hey – they’re coming off!

Right now, all I’m working on is a large felted tote (original pattern) and I’m going to start the overnight bags for the girls (knit… I think)!? Just gotta find a pattern!

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  1. What a nice site! Lovely crochet, Iim a beginner, hope I get this good! Looking forward to an update from you 🙂 Saying a prayer for your daughter.

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