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Um, ok… my DH loves that I enjoy crocheting.? He loves the lapghan I made him for our anniversary in 2005.? However, he doesn’t really want me to crochet things for him.

Now, I should probably explain that a bit.? DH doesn’t wear sweaters, scarves, hats or mittens.? He wants to put the lapghan on display, that it never be used, which I don’t mind, because of the sentiment, but I’d be ok if he used it once or twice, too.
Ok – so what’s a crocheter to do with someone like this?? BEG.? Beg often.? 😆

Anyway, I was showing him my newly crocheted slippers and asked him to try one on.? He raised his eyebrow, and lifted his foot.? I was just excited that he was willing to try it on.

I watched his face.? It was that weird kind of smirk at first, but then he smiled and said, “oh, that feels almost like wearing nothing!”? I said, “Yeah… that’s great, isn’t it?”? He said, “Yeah!? It is.”? Then I asked him to walk on the linoleum flooring, where he proceeded to “skate” across the floor, saying “Whee!? I’m skating!”

It was the cutest thing! :blush:

Anyway – while he still isn’t lining up with a “I wish my wife would crochet something for me” sign yet, I do that this as a big step!

My slippers are Skate-worthy!? :rofl:

your thoughts?