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Normally, Louisiana weather doesn’t cooperate. I can look at the calendar, and it clearly says, “First Day of Autumn”, and the weather outside says “Second Week of Summer! More Heat!!!!”

However, today (or yesterday, Dec 22) was the first day of Winter, and I must say, the weather participated! It’s COLD!!! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! How cold is it?

Well, I actually get to wear the scarf that I made a few weeks ago out in service tomorrow! :yay:

Of course, now I still don’t have any mittens/gloves, or a hat, or anything else, but – I do have a REALLY warm scarf! 😆

Here are some photos I snapped today:

sky? sky1

Isn’t that pretty!? I just love how the sky looks like it’s in layers!? It lasted probably 5 minutes!
I haven’t really picked up my hooks lately. I’ve wanted to, but I’m easily distracted, which makes life a bit difficult.

My family (aka, The Crew), and I have been fighting some strange bug. Stomach bug for some, unknown fevers for the girls, and T has sore throat, cough, stuffy nose. Just a nice, well, we’re just the Pandemic family right now 😉

I’ve gathered yarn to crochet E and R some dresses for their Cabbage Patch Kids! They’re so excited. E is so picky – she wants her doll’s dress to have polka dots! :rolleyes:
Who told her I could ‘do’ polka dots?!!! I’m trying my best not to disappoint, so we’ll see.

I think I want to make a pair of wool-ease slippers for my friend. She asked me if, well, tee hee, if “there was a such thing as crocheted slippers” :rofl: I couldn’t help but laugh – it sounded so cute! Anyway, she desperately needs slippers, and although she didn’t ask me to make them, I’d really like to!
I made her a comfortghan earlier this year, that she just LOVES! She uses it all the time (and has to fight family members who steal it!), so she enjoys (re: appreciates) my crochet. 😀

One thought on “Welcome Winter!

  1. LOVE the picture! I remember that sunset. I can see the sun set from work out the front window. It was lovely. — That is nice of you to make slippers for someone. I do that sometimes too when people say “oh, I wish I knew some one who would make me something like that’ I always stuff it in the back of my mind for when I have a moment to start a new project.

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