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My last post sounded so optimistic, huh?
Swayin’ trees, but still got power! Welp, I spoke too soon.

We were without power for a week! :grr:
It was HOT!!!!!! So very hot – ‘specially since it’s supposed to be FALL!

I snapped a few photos of damage around our area. Mostly downed trees. We didn’t loose any trees in our yard, and we’ve got quite a bit. It amazed me to see the kinds of trees that did fall… 100 year old elm and oaks!!! The spindly pines that are rampant throughout our city (Pineville) are still standing tall and proud!

My son was crocheting by candle light. I crocheted during the day. I was planning to work on peicing the Squares 4 Survivors squares together, but man, oh man, I didn’t even want my hook in my lap, let alone squares! It was so inhumanely hot! 😥

I don’t know how anyone can live through this kind of thing. I mean, hot, thirsty, is one part – but your mentality, patience, everything is just shot! Everything makes you angry! You’re cut off from the outside world.
The first days after the storm, we were able to listen to the local news, because they were simulcasting through a radio station (by the way, if you ever need to know this, computer speakers hook up perfectly to a walkman!), so I felt more in touch. But they stopped that after day 2, so all we knew was “Electic companies are working… blah, blah, blah”
I know they were working hard. I honestly do, but when you can feel your brain cooking from the heat, you don’t care what they’re doing, because they’re NOT fixing your power!
The sounds of generators will give me nightmares for weeks! I think 4 of the families in our neighborhood have them, and ran them (as we would, had we had one), but the noise is maddening!
It’s like sleeping next to a leaf blower! :hair:

I did manage to get some squares made, since that was about all I wanted to even attempt making. Oh, and I made 2 dishcloths.
I felt like a million bucks after making them, tho, cuz they were a bit larger than my 6″ squares, and I didn’t overheat while doing it. 😀

your thoughts?