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January is Weather Month for Science.

I was trying to find a unique approach to Science, so I got ideas from the Bible’s account of The Creative Days~

Day One – Light & Shadow (Gen. 1:3-5)

Day Two – Weather & The Water Cycle (Gen. 1:6-8)

Day Three – Lands & Oceans; Gardening (Gen. 1: 9-13)

Day Four – Four Seasons (Gen. 1: 14-19)

Day Five – Fish & Birds (Gen. 1:20-23)

Day Six – Mammals & Human Body (Gen. 1:24-31)

Day Seven – not a creative day, but the day that Jehovah God rested, (Gen. 2:3), so we’re going to learn about various forms of relaxation – hobbies, sports, crafts, etc.

We completed the Light & Shadow at the end of December, so January kicked off Weather.

We are putting the study together in a lapbook, using this site’s templates.

We made a rain gauge, our own cloud, learned the water cycle, (Ecclesiastes 1:7), and built an anemometer.


The instructions called for paper cups, but I couldn’t find any, so we used plastic. There wasn’t a strong enough wind on the day we went outside, so the girls improvised, by blowing into one of the cups.

Next week, we’re going to make a barometer, using a jar and a balloon. We will be constructing our lapbook next week, also.

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