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My shawl… it’s DONE!!!!!! :yay: :yay:


It took almost all 3 skeins, and I could’ve finished off the last skein, but I’m hoping to make a skinny scarf with the leftover yarn. :think:
I’m so happy with my shawl! :cloud9:
It created an interesting stripe pattern while I was working with it. At first, I thought it was my imagination, by my LYS owner reassured me that that’s the way it’s supposed to work up! 🙂

Oh, and here are the photos of the bag I felted last night.

I forgot to write down the measurements this time, but I really think it felted ALOT! The black didn’t felt as much as the other colors. I found the black yarn in a bag of various yarns, and it was labeled 100% wool, and I tested it (burned a strand – it burned to ash, and reaked of burnt hair, so I know it’s wool). :afro:

The other colors were Patons Classic Merino Wool. I really love that wool! It felts awesomely, without a lot of lint and fuzz!


One thought on “Wahoo!!!! It’s finished!

  1. Ahhhh! I love the colors on that bag! Awesome! What size is it after felting? Is that your own pattern? And the shawl turned out lovely, the colors look so cool! Great job on both! I always look forward to your next post to see what you came up with 😉

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