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I’ve found the findiest find that could ever be found!

To fall right along with our Nature Study, I’ve found these great, well, curriculum pieces!? It’s at learningpage.com, and under the heading of Theme Sheets. You have to have a membership, but it’s free.

They have Insects, Zoo Animals, Oceans, Dinosaurs, Reptiles & Amphibians, and Space.
Each of these themes comes with grades k – 3 language arts, math and science sheets.? Also, there are lesson plans, book resources, cut outs and facts files for each of the animals/critters/objects.

I’m so excited!? I’ve already printed off the sheets for the insects, since I’ve decided to cover insects first.
I’ve also fallen in love with our new Staples!? I’ve uploaded a few things that I’d been wanting to print for school, and they’re running a .05 per copy (b&w), so I’m taking advantage of that – PLUS they offer a discount card for teachers!

I’m getting ready to upload some of #1 Son’s literature study guides.? I’d like to have them bound together for neatness sakes… and to play with my new toy!

Also, I bought Trail Guide to US Geography to use for the girls’ history this year.? I’m excited about it, plus I have some notebooking pages that should work well with the book.

And, I have our Theocratic Studies schedule set:
Monday – Friday: Daily Text (read & copy scripture in notebooks)
Tuesday: What Does God Require of Us brochure
Wednesday: Watchtower and/or Awake article discussion
Thursday: Cut & Paste activity, using the contents of the Awake and/or Watchtower

Hmm – I think I need to add a countdown till school starts widget.

I’m off to hit the local school supply store and then get my freshly printed stuff!? Oh, it’s like Big Toy Day for Mommy day!

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