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So, today’s post is going to be for the frugal minded folks out there – you know who we are!

Today, the girls and I had, what we dub “Hair Spa”.
Every now and again, our frocks can stand some deep conditioning love, so I pour about 1/4 bottle of conditioner onto our heads, and then put on conditioner caps, for deep conditioning.? We then grab a great read, and relax in a bubbling spa.

Now, you may be thinking, how is this cheap?
Well, the conditioner comes from the Dollar Tree, so for the 3 of us to get gooped, only costs me .75, and enough left over for an extra head.

And as for the caps and the bubble spa, well…

Spa on the cheap!

cheap spa2

Now, if you look closely, you’ll notice our high falootin’ conditioner caps!? They were just used to bring in groceries.

Shopping bags make great conditioner caps!

The hubs bought me that foot massager when I was pregnant with my baby girls, and they are the only ones who use it now!

They call this “Foot Spa”!

So, today, we had Hair Spa and Foot Spa, for .75!!!

Economic Crisis be darned – these girls really know how to live it up on the cheap!

2 thoughts on “Treat yourself… on the cheap!

  1. Maybe we should have a liv’n on the cheap day, where we post ways to keep our families fed and relatively happy. Your cute girls….oh we have to share hair stories, as I doing the natural thing and having to learn all over again.

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