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After service today, the girls sat down with their mommy-made sewing kits, and hand stitched for the first time.

(We went to Hobby Lobby last week, and I found these sewing kits that had felt shaped animals, some embroidery thread, and a needle – for $9!? Well, they also had felt on sale – 30% off 4/$1, so I bought some, in colors of the girls’ choosing, came home and cut out some animal shapes, dug up some old cross stitch floss and some cross-stitch needles… voila! Sewing Kit!)

Face sews butterfly and bear

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And as if that weren’t enough – we also had some fun with yarn!
The kids were really able to break into their creative sides with this project.? I called it science, but they didn’t know!

First, with my trusty 40% off coupon last week, I bought a large skein of Fisherman’s 100% wool.? I then spent an hour last night, rolling 3 50 yard balls of wool for the children to use.
Today, we soaked the wool:

Soaking the wool
and, after mixing unsweetened kool-aid with vinegar and water, I let the kids get busy!
Face dying her yarn #1 Son dying yarn Flower picker dying yarn
You can see more photos here

The kids plan to crochet up their uniquely custom yarn, and are dying for the next time we DYE!

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