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We went on our Nature Walk today.? I didn’t have a ‘challenge’ in mind, per se, but I did see something that I wanted to investigate.

So, we went outside and across the street to our neighbor’s back yard.? They have a ditch that runs along the side of their back yard.? Anyway, on Friday, I noticed these, uh, well, mud piles.? There were oodles of them.? I thought instantly, “That’s what we’re going to do more research on Monday!”

Well, today, determined that after giving these mud globs the once over, we’d quickly be able to find out what or who made them.

I’ve seen these dirt constructions all my life.? And, until today, I was under the impression that they were mole holes.? Well, #1 son chimed in with, “Uh, no Mom.? Those are ant hills!”
Hmm – OK, so I know Mole Hole didn’t really seem believable, given the size of these mounds, but … ANTS?? Surely not!

It was decided that I would do research.
Apparently these structures are similar to crop circles.? No one seems to know what or who made them.? I searched google, using the limited verbage that the children and I could come up – and I’m empty!
So, I will snap photos of this alien mud-creation and perhaps someone out there can help a small pack of nature newbies figure this out!

Now, onto the other neat-o discovery:
A cucumber shaped Watermelon!
Yes, after we left the neighbors yard, determined not to be outdone by nature, we went into our veggie garden in OUR backyard.? I have a few vegetable plants that are still hanging in there, this late in the game.? I’ve been growing watermelons since early spring, and we have one growing… in the shape of a cucumber.
It was the funniest site!? In the few years of gardening I’ve done, my watermelons have always grown on the ground, in a round shape.? This year, I decided to add supports, and now this one is growing suspended.? It made for quite an interesting shape.? And nope, no photos!? I went outside without pen, paper, or camera.? Photo coming soon, though!
Anyway, we looked for more funny shaped watermelon.

We also saw a lizard lying on a bell pepper.

As we were heading in, Flower Picker shouted, “Hey guys! Look at this! It’s a bug, and it looks like he’s wearing a shirt!”
Well, of course, we all rushed over to see it, and sure enough – it looked like a bug wearing a shirt.

What is it? I don’t know.? It is a relative of the grasshopper.? It’s HUGE and Black, with a Red Vest-looking decoration on him.? I’ve been seeing them all summer, for the first time.? I was told by a friend of mine that they’re Texas Crickets, but I couldn’t find anything on that name.

Did I mention that I did not take my camera outside?? Ugh!? I’m so shooting myself over that!? Never again!? I will make sure to have a camera in hand at all times – even if it’s the one on my phone!

All my research efforts today produced bupkiss.? And that’s disheartening.? Do you think Nature will be running reruns in the Fall?

2 thoughts on “Today…

  1. It’s not bupkiss! It’s normal. Even professionals have to take time to identify different creatures sometimes. Pictures are the greatest, because you can then look in your guide books later to try to figure out what things are.

  2. My motto is Never Leave Home Without It. In fact I have 2 cameras I take with me. I usually don’t take id books because if I get pictures of it I can id it later in the comfort of my A/C home. hehehe

    Lesson learned. It will not happen again, right? Keep it up. I love nature.

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