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This week was a 1/2 day school week.? We have a two-day assembly this weekend, and I always like to sew new things for the girls and I to wear.? I made myself a skirt and shirt (that’s a first for me!) and I made a skirt and dress for Face.? Flower Picker was in a mood, and, well, long story short, didn’t get a Mommy-made outfit this time.? Perhaps next time…

Anyway – I always get a bit stressed the week before an assembly or convention, and this time was no exception.? BUT – I did get all the sewing done! Yay!

The lighting in this room is poor, and the mirror isn’t clean, but I hope you get the gist of my outfit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s Face in her new dress:
I had a bit of trouble with the zipper in this! It was only my second time since being properly taught.? The first time was in the skirt I made for myself.
A special thanks, AGAIN, to Martha @ Sunrise to Sunset, for the fabric! Oh so cute!!

I finished crocheting the cardigan I was making for a friend who’s getting baptized this weekend.

I just love the pattern, and making it with this yarn was delightful.

Flower Picker finished, not one, but two books!? She finished Stuart Little last week, and Huckleberry Finn today!
She’s so proud, and so am I!? She’s long been my reluctant reader, but she seems to be enjoying reading more.? I’d love to think it’s due to the books she’s being exposed to this year.
She’s already begun on her next book, The Great Illustrated Classics version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Kinda makes sense, huh?

We’ve been reading the Katie Series books by James Mayhew, which are short and cute!? I love how they get Katie involved with Classic Paintings!? Our favorite has been Katie Meets the Impressionists.

Katie meets the Impressionists
Katie Meets the Impressionists

For our Nature Study, we’ve been working on getting our fall garden started. We purchased some seeds last week, and got to work Monday.

Here’s the layout:

I “do” Square Foot Gardening, so we get a nice variety of plants.? I still have some plants that were planted in the Spring, and they’re still going strong.? I received a bajillion pepper plants, so that’s what we had an over abundance of!
While in the garden, Flower Picker spotted several Garden Snails. Err, the shells of Garden Snails, actually.? Did you know that there is a section on them in the Handbook of Nature Study book? I didn’t! We’re going to learn more on those.
Also, as I bent over to pick a very green and plump California Wonder Pepper, I sensed I was being watched… and I was… by a big fat frog!? Can I just say, according to my children, I scream “like a girl!”

Mr. Frog didn’t move.? I did!? Boy, did I!? I am not sure why he was there, but he observed our entire goings-on in the garden that day!? The girls dubbed him, Grandfather Frog.? As long as Mr. Grandfather Frog doesn’t eat my veggies, he can stay for as long as he wishes.

Oh, and a neat discovery – as we were clearing out the spent plants, I happened onto a withered up okra under some dirt.? DID YOU KNOW if you bury (purposely, or otherwise) an okra, the seeds inside will sprout?!!!? It never seizes to amaze me the way the cycle of life works!

Theocratic Studies have given us understanding as to the future of mankind’s government (Matt. 6:9,10; Dan. 2:44), and also why Adam & Eve got kicked out of the Garden of Eden.? I think I’m really starting to enjoy how my daughters are expressing themselves with these studies.? Also, last week, when we were studying insects, I came across an scripture-based article about the Compound Eye of Insects.

IMG_1634.JPGIMG_1635.JPGIMG_1636.JPGWe also watched a video of Louisiana Insects, and that merged well into our Science study.

Number One son is doing Biology this year, using Apologia Biology.? He had three experiments to do, involving Pond Water, Hay, a Raw Egg, and Rice.

We all enjoyed seeing the stuff living in pond water.? The smell, however…

There’s so much more, but I’m trying to remember all the highlights.

I just wanted to stop and say… “I love homeschooling.”? I really do!? I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but it still needs to be said! Maybe when we’re having a blah week (or weeks), and things just aren’t going right… take a step back, look at those children/students of yours, remember why you started homeschooling in the first place, and say, OUT LOUD, I love homeschooling!!

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  1. Wow, you did get a lot done. By the way, I love those Katie books. Enjoy your assembly. Glad you still have some fabric. I’ll have to check and see what else I can come up with for you.

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