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Ok, so, this has been a school-ish week.? The kids have been doing a lot of reading, and we’ve gone outdoors, and checked on our feeders and our veggies.

But, there hasn’t been any book or paper work.? They don’t really seem to mind, and I can actually play catch up on my, *cough*, job.

Anyway, I’m working on websites.? Converting long overdue websites over to Content Management Sites, yadda yadda…

OK, so, my brain is spent of any really helpful stuff, so today for lunch, I fixed fish sticks and ravioli.
Well, one daughter loves Ravioli, but hates Spaghetti-Os.? The other daughter loves Spaghetti-Os, but hates Ravioli.? I can never really remember which is which.

So, here comes the love part:

Today, for the first time in my life… I de-meated (is that a word?? It should be).? Anyhoo – I de-meated Ravioli!!? While I was undertaking this task, I was thinking about the poor old woman who slaved over these delicate pasta creations… stuffing meat into this cute little pillow food, perhaps earning just pennies to take home to her children, because she loves them.

And here I am… slaving over piping hot food pillows, removing the stuffing, earning no cash, but the gratitude and love of my child!

3 thoughts on “The things we do for love

  1. Too funny, it reminds me when for service break my kids and I have to head to about four restaurants depending on who likes what. You are the mom!!

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