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The girls and I have been enjoying a cute little story about some critters, (yeah, I said critters! I live in the south, so it’s allowed when describing one or more of a variety of anything. smile) – anyway – about some critters who live near a watering hole.

This story has unknowingly taught my daughters that:

* Frogs & Toads are ‘cousins’
* Frogs should not eat fish, because they’re too big
* Frogs, Toads, Muskrats, Otters, Herons, Red Wing Blackbirds, Meadow Mice, Mink, Turtles, Foxes, and foolish green flies all live near water (namely, The Smiling Pool and the Laughing Brook).

And we’re only half-way through!? I tried to remember the author’s name and it was dangling off the tip of my tongue.
Anyway, I finally just went here and found his name.

I love this book, and I hope to find more!? I was glad to learn that there were many more in this ‘family’ of books! And the name of the story is The Adventures of Grandfather Frog by Thorton Burgess.

The girls are now happily learning about Pond critters, and I’ve even marked that chapter in my Brand new copy of Handbook of Nature Study!

Yeah – it arrived yesterday afternoon, as we were finishing up class for the day.
Right now it’s just been my companion.? I feel almost intimidated by it.? It holds so much goodness and yet, I am fearful to open it.? Kinda reminds me of how I felt when I got my first Bible. LOL!

So, anyway, aside from Science, we’ve been enjoying our Art Study.? We studied a still art painting by Gustave Courbet, and then drew our own.? The assignment was to draw a vase of flowers, but I don’t have either of those.? I do, however, have a mayo jar with fake flowers in it, so guess what we did? πŸ˜€

The kids are such great artists!? They, er, we, aren’t great at drawing, but the things that we pick up on the smallest detail.? Best of all, we’re having fun!

Music study is going well, too.? I found that I like Mozart Horn Concerto No. 4 in E flat major, K495

I overheard Number #1 Son say he likes Marriage of Figaro.

Next week, we’ll start our study of Piotr Tchaikovsky.? This one was chosen by my son.? He’s been enjoying this, along with all the other Fine Arts studies!

Poetry on the other hand.? Well. It feels like listening to fingernails scratching down a blackboard while listening to a cat being beaten in an alley in winter.

Yeah, I think that’s a good description.? We started with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.? I don’t know if it’s so painful because of his style of writing or just poetry in general that’s causing blood to drip from our ears, but it’s not a good fit!!
I’m going to try another poet.? Doctor Seuss is a poet, right?
Green Eggs & Ham.
Sam I Am.
Hey, that rhymes.? It’s poetry, and, look – no blood!!

I do have a collective book of poetry.? I guess I could try that. Sigh.? I can still hear that cat ringing in my ears!


When creativity takes on a mind of it’s own.
This is related to our Art Study.? Today, while I was working with Number 1 son, the girls were at the table, doing what I thought was reading.
After about 15 minutes, I was introduced to Still Art with Colors.? It seems that Flower Picker & Face arranged all the items on our dining room table into a still life art piece.? I grinned. I smiled. I laughed.
Oh, and they ‘signed’ their work with the surname “Cezanne“.? Look who’s learning! (sheepish grin)

This week, we continued our study of what God requires of us.? We’re all enjoying this study.? Today, I added a book that covers several stories from the Bible to our study.? It’s a wonderful book. It has the breaks the Bible into smaller sections.? We started the section “Creation to the Flood”.

After we read the story, we answered questions, plus looked up quite a few scriptures. We read about the creative days.? We will do extra research next week on how long the creative days lasted.
It was enjoyed by all!

I think that sums up our week, so far.
Oh, I’ve been uploading stuff to Staples to print.? I’m currently awaiting the pick up of The Bird-Woman of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and The Beginner’s American History books.

Big Toy Day for Mommy!!!

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  1. That was the most perfect and wonderful description of poetry. I can see the blood and hear the cat. hehehe You are doing so good though. I’m truly enjoying your adventures.

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