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had me a blast! (Ode to “Grease” … thank you for your patience!)

Well, even though this isn’t 3Rs related, this post is still appropriate! It’s that time of the year…


The District Convention is 17 days away!!!

My sewing machine has been burning up, as I’m making outfits for my girls! I’ve almost finished all the outfits (2 girls + 3 days…)

I’m posting photos, because I’m happy at the outcome.

Modeling Skirt #1 Modeling Skirt #2 Crazy people model too!

Mainly – because my ladies are happy with the outcome.

Yippee Skippee!

All in all, I made 2 dresses and 3 skirts – one dress was gifted to us) The gifted dress will be worn with a crocheted shrug – so that’s still on my to-do list.

I’ll also be making my outfits.

We’re gonna run to Walmart and pick up shirts to coordinate with the skirts. There may be some shoes on the list, too, but that’s small stuff in my head.

We are so looking forward to the Convention – it’s only our second one, and it’s part family vacation, too!

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  1. Oh and how they love to pose. hehehehe How cute! Great job. Our DC isn’t till August but are planning on going to one in a few weeks so hubby will get to sit down and listen. He will be working thru ours so it will be nice to sit down together. I’m excited for you.

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