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This is school related, but mainly just me OVERTHINKING!

Ok, I’m starting to look for next year’s curriculum for the core subjects: Language Arts, History, and Science.

For the girls (who will be Grades 1 & 2), I’m using Growing with Grammar. I found this on a friend’s website, and it looked perfect for us!

For my son, I think we’re going to finish the Warriner’s 9th grade grammar book, and I’m strongly considering Applications of Grammar for the following year.

Science is finally figured out! Whew! Biology next year, Physics, the year after.

Which brings me to History. Boy, I really beat this horse into the grave!!! I’m so freaking out about World History! :-O

Where do I start? America? Europe? Mesopotamia? Egypt?

Since I don’t believe Cavemen really existed, it created issues when considering using the Public School World History books. So, I can start with Creation, and move forward. Fine. But… (yeah, you’re gonna see quite a few of buts here!) Do we lapbook? Notebook?? And, if we do notebook, where to buy the templates.

I’ve looked at a TON of various options for tackling this subject, but each one has something wrong with it: Price… doctrine… price…difficulty in use… price!

So, I found one that isn’t too expensive, BUT… I’m not sure it’s the right fit for our homeschool. We have a lot of resources for the Biblical aspects of World History. I’m really excited to see how the prophecies in the book of Daniel were fulfilled in mankind’s history! I haven’t seen anything that really fits our beliefs, or at least is secular enough that I don’t need to spend countless hours removing all the “theories”.

I can put together my own curriculum, (as I am already doing)… wait for itbut… I don’t want to spend a gagillion hours trying to put all this together if it’s already in existence.


I know this is more of a rant, than a true cry for help, however, I’m no idiot – if anyone has any suggestions, recommendations, numbers of a good shrink… whatever… please, feel free to holler!

your thoughts?