just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

I went to grab some new yarn @ Walmart today.

I picked up some Light & Lofty Pheasant. I like the colors a bit more than the Ranch Homespun I was using for Mom’s Shawl…
so you guessed it!! Mom’s Shawl will be Light & Lofty!
I’ve gotten maybe 40% done in just a few hours already – way faster than the Homespun.
Wonder if it’s psychosomatic?

This was my first experience with HomeSpun – caught it on sale at Hobby Lobby, so the price didn’t scare me… too badly, anyway.

Hmm – 😉

I had only chosen HomeSpun because HL didn’t have any pretty earthy varigated Light & Lofty colors. Guess I should check Walmart first, from now on. 😀

your thoughts?