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Now, I’d love to tell you the name of the pattern, but I can’t – because I started off with a real pattern, got confused about halfway through and just winged it from there!
I can say that the original pattern can be found here.

Here’s a pic:

Square Number 2

I’m now a week ahead of the game!
Today, I plan to finish the edging on the comfortghan that I pieced together last week. It’s actually nicer than I thought it would be.

I went nuts last nite aquiring some new yarn! Oh my gosh!!!

I didn’t know that Walmart carried Simply Soft!
They’ve revamped alot lately, and I’m so glad! I got awesome bright colors. I have NO clue what I will use it for, but I had to have them!!
They sell for $1.97, whereas Michaels has them for $2.99.

I then realized that Michaels’ are 7 oz, and Walmart’s are 6 oz, but I’m not gonna pay $1 for only 1 more ounce.
The cost of gas doesn’t make that practical at all! 😉

your thoughts?