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and I have zero energy for inside stuff!

It’s been very challenging to plan any inside activities, since the weather is practically begging for us to go out and enjoy it!

For History/Geography, we visited the continent of South America, and took time to learn about the Rain Forest. Last week’s science lesson was about insects. We went bug huntin’


Recording the bug sightings

Recording the bug sightings

Snail in the Garden

This week takes us to Asia, on our continental journey. We have only Europe left on our World Geography trip around the world. (hmm – redundant speech, I think!)

Anyway, we’re also learning more about insects – well, one type in particular – bees!
We started the week off by watching “Bee Movie” – great movie, with a lot of scientific information in it – like how bees are beneficial, and the whole stinging thing, so I really enjoyed it… err, I mean, the kids enjoyed it 😉
I found a free lapbook on bees, so this should be QUITE fun! We’re also learning about creepy crawlies – reptiles & amphibians!

I had almost forgotten that I had decided to use the Days of Creation to plan our science curriculum! Since I’m not 100% as far as the days that insects were made, I’ve included them on day 4, since that’s when the seasons were established, and after the land had been made to bring forth vegetation. Bugs like vegetation, so it stands to reason that they were created somewhere between days 3 and 4.

Next week, we’ll start Fishes & Birds.

*Anyway*, all the being said, we’ll be doing days 5 & 6 next month!
That means … Animals & Man are coming up!

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