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Ha ha! I finished the other slipper for E and I even whipped up a pair for R today!!! That’s right – BOTH slippers! ๐Ÿ˜†
They are box-y looking, and seem to fit big, but they like them!
They’re functional, so that’s a plus! Now, I’ve found a pattern that I’d like to try for me. Will I actually make them? I’m sure hoping so!

Michael’s is having a Yarn Event this weekend. Not sure what that means, exactly, but I do know I want to be there! 5 hours of yarn… stuff! I know they’re planning a fastest crocheter/knitter contest. I know I’m not lightening speed or anything, but I’d love the challenge. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Plus, I think they’re giving away free yarn… so, that’s good enough for me! I’m even bringing my son with me, cuz he’s a faster crocheter than I am!

One thought on “Slipper-y when wet!

  1. Just following up to see status of this project of yours. Not been a member of Crochetville very long and just tonight read all 11 pages on the thread about your squares. Willing to help, but was uncertain if this was still an active cause.
    Also, on a side note. Love your crochet burger….tooo funny!
    I have several blogs but have never come across this particular one, who is it?

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