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What do these three things have in common?

Well, the whole crew has been sick for the past two weeks.? Sometimes only one or two, never all at the same time – we took turns.

So, we didn’t get much accomplished in the way of school.

We did our weekly bible reading, which had a nature study idea built right in –
Deuteronomy 14:11-20 talks about birds that were deemed Unclean.? I believe in all,
20 birds are mentioned.? So, I created notebooking pages about a few of the birds, with some information as to why they may have been deemed unclean to the Israelite people. I even uploaded the pages, so you are more than welcome to download and use for free.

My daughters enjoyed the reading, because it was both, interesting and gross. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We also read an article about Ravens. It was found in an old bound-volume publication.? I was quite amused at the antics of ravens.

The girls are hostessing a Super 70s party next month!? I’m so excited.? Even though the 70s weren’t my decade, (I’m totally a child of the 80s!), I’m having a blast planning the party.
I spent a few hours last night sewing Bell Bottoms!? Yup, Bell Bottoms!? Groovy!

I have some pictures of our one-of-a-kind party invitations.

IMG_2011 These are REAL, authentic 1970s 8-track tapes, the names of the hostesses are on the part that would stick out of the 8-track player, and the invite info is on the back!? This was so fun!

The girls are getting excited, and they’re asking, “Is that 70s?” about everything!? They really want to have all things authentic.? I have some 70s pros (read, people over 49, who remember the decade), on staff to help keep it ‘real’!

3 thoughts on “Sickness, Sewing and Super 70s!

  1. Hey Jackie!

    Sorry to hear you guys had been sick. Hopefully everyone is feeling better now.

    SO how did your 70s party go? Look forward to hearing about it. =)

    Sorry I have lost touch for awhile. Too much “life” stuff. But I am starting to make my rounds again. =)

    Thinking of you ~ Jessica

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