just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

T has just whipped out a shawl for his grandmother. I can safely guesstimate that it took him roughly 5 hours from start to finish!

I’m not sure picture picks up the detail, but it’s very pretty!

He’s started on his aunt’s gift: a poncho!
He needs a yarn run!!! He’s shopping out of my stash, and that’s a BIG no-no!!!!!!! 😆

I am working on my next ‘pattern’… I think it’s original. It is a shawl, and I’m making the prototype for my aunt J. I’ve decided not to make her another hat (I’ve made her 2), and the shawl colors would coordinate with the hats, so she can wear them together, if she chooses.

I think I have ponchophobia… yanno, like ‘fear of ponchos’.
I’ve been searching for … EVER, for the perfect pattern. For both me and my girls. I just can’t seem to make myself get past the 3rd row.
I have frogged yet another poncho. 🙁
I am now attempting a Poncho Sweater. Since it’s something that seems more manageable for my girls, I may be able to make it to the end! 😀

If your kids are ever bored… (yuh, longshot, I know!), and you’ve got some wool yarn and koolaide lying around…

To stave off some cabin fever yesterday, I grabbed 2 sun tea pitchers, several packs of koolaide and 2 full skeins of Fisherman’s wool yarn (by Lionbrand 😉 ), and put the kids to work.

After soaking the yarn in warm water, I filled up the pitchers, half full of warm water, and let the girls pour in the koolaide. Then I added more water. After mixing the koolaide and water with a spoon, I then carefully eased the yarn into mixture.
It was slow going , and I would highly recommend doing that last part in the sink!
After securing the tops, we took them outside and set them in the yard. After about 3 hours, it started to rain. I mean rain!
I wasn’t about to go out there and retrieve the jars, so they stayed out there until early this afternoon.
I brought them in and WOW!!!
I now have a skein of varigated green (lemon-lime flavor) and a skein of varigated red (strawberry and cherry flavor)
They’re drying now. I snapped a pic, but my digicam was hungry, so it ate the last pics on the disc! 😡
I will take another pic after the digicam has dessert! 😉

Useless information below 😆

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