just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

We had a big dip in temps last night (in the low 40s)… weatherman said it was record lows!

Anyway – I wrapped myself up in a nice warm babyghan that my former MIL made for my son when he was a baby (12 years ago, and it’s still in gorgeous condition), and worked on my friend’s shawl.

I dug out my once-rejected Homespun yarn, and went to work. I’m happy to say that it’s about 3/4 done, and I’m really liking the result.
I’m using “Ranch” color Homespun. You may recall that I had originally intended to use it for my mother’s shawl back in February. I ended up making hers with Light & Lofty.

I’m hoping to finish it today and maybe drop it off tomorrow.
Now that I have her name, I can personalize a note with the shawl.

I’ve tried 3 different ghan patterns and I’m not happy with any. I don’t know if it’s the patterns or the yarn (RH claret). I have a ton of this color, because I was going to make DS a ghan, but after purchasing… 8 skeins, I found out the color is too dark! 😥
Anyway, I’ll find a pattern… just gonna take time.

your thoughts?