just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

I’ve been so busy this week!!! No time to blog or read email!

But I have been crocheting!!
Click the squares for a larger view.

Here’s square #7!!!
square #7
& Eight!!!!
square #8

I also made a hat for DH’s coworker’s 10 month old daughter. All the ladies commented on how perfect the hat fit, as if I’d custom-made it! 😀

I also was asked to make 2 more hats… and even got paid! 😮
My daughters are great advertising for me!

My halters seem to be creating a small buzz here, too! Just in time for Hell temperature summer!!! 😆

I find myself yearning for a poncho. Not just a poncho – an Asymmetrical poncho… but one for summer. Is there such animal?

I am afraid of making a cool weather one & finding out they’re “out” by fall. Sigh. Ponchos should be timeless!

In other news, I met my ‘wrong number’ friend! 🙂
She’s very sweet!! I dropped off her shawl, but don’t know if she liked it, because she was on her way out & hadn’t yet seen it when we met.
My children were with me & the youngest seem mesmerized by her.
It was kinda cute. I definetely plan to visit again!

your thoughts?