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Ahoy mateys! Me crew and I are setting sail on the 5 oceans to learn about the continents.

I thought it’d be neat to teach the girls the continents, and have DS do research on a particular country on each continent, and then ‘teach’ his sisters. By putting all the continent names in a bucket, my son drew out… North America!

Now, my stomach got butterflies, because I was so sure they would pick USA to learn about, but to my surprise, a vote of 2 to 1, they chose Cuba!

So, we learned a little about that tiny Central American country, and to end the week, we made Cuban Sandwiches! Fun- Fun!

We’re documenting our Continental journey with Notebooking. I’m scheming a way to combine the Volcano Lapbook and the Continents Notebook (and anything else we learn along the way) into one big project. Thinking cap is firmly in place.

Pictures to come.

Next week, our voyage goes ALL the way to the bottom of the globe – my oldest DD chose Antarctica! Since there are no countries there, we’re going to learn about Penguins, and DS will do research on the Antarctica Explorers.

Here are my DDs, pretending to be penguins-


I’m not sure why my oldest DD thinks that penguins make a face when they walk, but…

Oh, and here’s a neat thinking question: Do Polar bears eat Penguins? Why or Why not?

ANSWER: No, polar bears CAN’T eat penguins, because Polar bears are in the ARCTIC, and Penguins are in the ANTARCTIC – two completely different hemispheres!

2 thoughts on “Sailing… takes me away…

  1. I love your new projects. Oh by the way, we love cuban sandwiches. YUM!! We lived in NJ right across the river from NY and we would go down the street for sandwiches. I miss them.

    Asked son about the polar bears and penguins question…he said the answer is no because one lives in Antarctica and the other lives on the opposite, Arctic Circle.

    Can’t wait to see your pictures.

  2. I used to live near Ybor City (its around Tampa, Fl), sometimes referred to as Little Cuba. So growing up we always had cuban sandwhiches hehe. My mom would mix mayo and mustard together tho.
    Could you find cuban bread where you are at? I never had sucess finding it in Louisiana. And I am pretty sure I will have less sucess here in Kentucky – lol! But it truly is YUMMIER than french or italian bread! None of those ever came close.
    Your projects sound like lots of fun. Glad your kids are enjoying things, thats always fantastic. =)

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