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I’ve been getting lots of interested people signing up to make squares or donate yarn.
I even saw that there’s a local crocheter… who’s a guy!!! :yay:

Monday evening, the news aired my story about the Squares 4 Survivors project. Almost instantly, emails started pouring in from locals wanting to help! The station got a lot of phone calls, too!

A LYS owner offered her shop as a Drop Off point for locals!
And, there have already been some donations dropped off!

Thank you, Cenla! This project is going to be a big success, I feel it!

Oh – it’s WIP Wednesday!
Well, to quote another song from the best decade ever…
“It’s HIP to be Square!”
Squares are the WIPs of the day!

I’ve very proud of this square – and YES, it’s 6 x 12! 😆

I think when I’m ready for a break, I’ll work on my SM’s scarf.

I think I’ve been accepted to participate in the November Arts & Crafts Show. I haven’t heard anything, but they cashed my check.
That means something, right? 😉
So, in addition to making squares, I’ll continue stocking my inventory for the show.

I hope that extra set of arms I ordered arrives soon…

Here’s a couple of pics of my last non-square finished ups:
summer05/Mvc_065s summer05/Mvc_066s

your thoughts?