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The rains have started, and the winds are blowing!!

We still have power, and it looks like we’ve gone from a moderate chance of tornadoes, to a HIGH chance of tornados! 😥 (or is it tornadoes? Looks funny to me!

I’ve taken pics of our stuff, in case it’s needed for insurance.
I can’t think of what else to do.
We can’t evacuate! All the shelters are PACKED to capacity!!!
There were evacuees from Houston sitting outside our Coliseum, because they were told they could take shelter there, but nope!

They showed them sitting in front of the building – just like the New Orleans evacuees in front of the Superdome!!!
And the levees aren’t holding… again!!!!

This is just mean!

If you’re interested in watching what’s going on directly in my area, you can catch it here

I saw this on a church marquee last night:

“God, with all your mighty power
Please turn RITA into a shower”


your thoughts?