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doing what Jackie does

I’ve decided what I’ll be making for my ‘wrong number’ friend in the nursing home.
Everyone I asked suggested a lap quilt, shawl or slippers.
So, I’m going to make a lapghan and a shawl. I’m also going to make her some homemade soaps. I’ll use lavendar essential oil, which has a nice scent, and it has calming effects, and can keep the bugs off! 😉

I don’t do very well at slippers. I think I’ve got issues w/ making two of the same thing right away!

I’m planning for our 6 year anniversary.
I was going to make a cute wedding couple from Annie’s Attic, but he’s expressed to me, in no uncertain terms, that he’s creeped out by the face of crocheted dolls!
Sooooooo, that’s out!

I’m torn between a few patterns that I think he’d like. I know the odds of him reading this are slim, but I don’t want to get too detailed and find that he’s been reading!

Anyway….. I am in love with the Birthstones Afghans book! I saw it yesterday at Michaels and drooooooooooooooled uncontrollably. I was so scared someone would slip in the puddle I’d made.
It’s made by Leisure Arts. If you get a chance to pick this book up, DO!

I love books that are less than $10, that have more than 5 patterns in them.

your thoughts?