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doing what Jackie does

Welp, I finally found the perfect pattern for a poncho! 😯

It didn’t make me want to strangle myself, and it worked up very quickly!

This one is for Emily, and Riley’s is on my hook now! :yay:

I finished the halter & hat set for my cousin, but I won’t post the picture yet, because she reads my blog and I want there to be some surprise for her when she gets it! :nanny:

Does this ever happen to you? You go out and buy yarn for a project (in your mind) and then, after you’ve brought home the yarn and sifted through your hundreds (dare I say, thousands) of patterns, and realize you didn’t buy enough yarn, and :

a) can’t buy more cuz it was on clearance

b) you can’t tell DH that you need to buy more yarn to complete the project, because he’ll give you a speech about all the yarn you already have

c) you’ve stumbled upon a gazillion other projects to make with that yarn, none of which would be appropriate for the person you were making the original item for in the first place!

More happy news –
I’ve sent my hat pattern to 4 crocheters, and 2 have finished and sent pics!!!

The feedback has been really great, so I think I’ll post the pattern here in a few days.
I’m so excited to see the finished items people made with my pattern! I couldn’t design for a living, as the excitement would be too much for me… my pattern in a magazine or something… I’d die! :rofl:

your thoughts?