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This month, the posse and I are Pioneering! picπŸ˜€

Lately, our Fridays have been like 5-hour days, so with that in mind, I can actually get a bit more than 50 hours this month!

School will be light this month, also.

#1 Son will be doing a lesson on digital photography! It’s a new interest to him, and he complains a lot about his photos not coming out just right, so I saw this as a perfect learning opportunity.

The girls are still working on the 50 states. We go into Hawaii through Maryland next week.

I checked out tons of those little state books from the library last week. I’m having the girls use a worksheet that I made to look up the state facts. Nothing too complicated; just like state capital, population, industry, state flower and state bird.

I’m hoping with a lighter school load, the pioneering will be smooth!

Our CO is visiting the week after the Memorial, which is oh-so-nice. It’s a great shot-in-the-arm to me, and I always look forward to seeing him!

2 thoughts on “Pioneering Month!

  1. Congrats, I hope to get a schedule together so my family and I can pioneer in May and June, thanks for the encouragement

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