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doing what Jackie does

I’m going crazy!!
A friend of mine is having a baby – Yay! :yay:
That’s code to me for baby-colors-yarn stash busting time!

Well, I’m having a doozy of a time, trying to find that perfect pattern!
I started off with this one, which is my first attempt at a round ripple. Honestly – it’s beautiful. I’m using Red Heart baby in white, with baby blue for the stripe, every so many rows. Anyway – it calls for like a size “F” hook, which is SUPER tiny, to me, and therefore, it’s taking FOREVER!

Ugh – then, because I was seriously in need of a kick in the pants for motivation, I asked DH what he thought of it. Surely, if he finds it pretty, I’ll continue on to another day. Well, after 9 years together, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now: “Don’t ask him, because he rarely says what you want to hear, Jackie!”
He says, “Hmm… are you sure that’s a baby blanket? It looks like a doily to me!” 🙁

So, those words saddened me to the point that I decided to try another pattern.
I’m going to do a simple baby ripple pattern, using Simply Soft and an I hook!
I refuse to start another blanket! This one has got to work!
Updates later.

your thoughts?