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Last week, we had a great time!

We kicked off our Homeschool PE – we did curl-ups.? We had to see how many we could do in one minute.? Can I just say, doing curl-ups makes you wonder if a minute really takes 60 seconds!? I managed to eek out 14.? I was proud of my 14, though.? Obviously, we’ll need to work on that more.

The weather was quite horrid.? We had non-stop rain, with threats of tornadoes, so it was a bit hard to concentrate on much.

I’ve been using “Good Eats” with Alton Brown as Food Science teacher.? Believe it or not, Alton Brown has inspired #1 son to cook a few things.? On a recent, albeit rerun, episode, Alton discussed the case for Butter, and, almost in passing, he mentioned how one can make butter.
Well, there was our food science project: Make our own butter!
We ended up using this recipe, which was awesome!? The recipe claims that you can make it in only 5 minutes.? Although it was a quick process, it was longer than 5 minutes.? We don’t have a stand mixer, so we used our hand mixer.

IMG_1959IMG_1960IMG_1967IMG_1963IMG_1969butter3butter finished More photos here.

This month, #1 Son and I have entered the National Novel Writers Month Challenge-? to write a novel in 30 days.? This is a huge undertaking, but #1 Son is an aspiring writer. He’s written one novel already, with plans for several more.? He’s created a series of Teenage Superheroes.? I don’t know all about it, because that isn’t my genre, really, but he works hard on developing the ideas.
His interest in writing is why we decided to use the language arts curriculum that we chose this year:”Write the Novel Way”.
I’ve had an idea for a while about a girl who Flower Picker created.? I’m hoping that this month, I’ll be able to put together, if not a novel’s worth, but even a short stories worth of story.

This week, for the Bible Study, we’re reading Deuteronomy Chapters 14-18.? It also became the inspiration behind this week’s Nature Study/Science lesson.

The scriptures mention birds of prey, which were deemed unclean.? Specifically mentioned: Osprey, Vulture, Black Kite, Red Kite, Glede, Cormorant, Bat, and Hoopoe.? So, we’re going to find out more information on these flying creatures!

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  1. We saw that episode and loved it. So how is your butter? Looks yummy. We are having our fun too. I’ll be posting this week, I hope.

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