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I went to Books-A-Million a few weeks back to peruse their Crochet collection. Only a few did I really take interest in. I quickly jotted down the titles of books I wanted, and came home to hit Fetchbook.
If you’ve never heard of or tried Fetchbook, I highly recommend it!
Not only does it search for books you request by title, subject, etc, it will also compare prices around the internet, to help you find the best price! :yay:
It also allows you, after signing up for a FREE account (no spam, thus far ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), to create a wishlist.
So, I added all my B-A-M books to my wishlist.

Now, the cheapskate, frugal goddess that I am, I decided to try my Library’s Inter Library Loan system for the same books.
Boy, did I hit pay dirt! Every book I wanted, they have! So, next week sometime, I should be up to my eyeballs in free crochet patterns! ๐Ÿ˜†

On an Off Topic – my son has been in TX since July 25, visiting his father. Now, I don’t care for his father, but that’s not a secret, or really the point of this.
However, my son’s been calling me at least once a week since leaving.
Well, Thursday (this past Thursday), he hadn’t called, so I called, just to say hi. His dad apparently has only a cell phone, so when I called, it went straight to his voicemail.
Friday – I called again… and straight to voicemail – which tells me the phone is turned off. I left a message.
This morning, I’ve called 3 times. The phone actually rings a few times before going to voicemail.
I still leave messages, but the panic in me has shot into overdrive!!!

With less than 2 weeks before he’s to come home, suddenly no one can answer a phone. I’m so scared something’s wrong.
His dad isn’t the sort that would call to let me know anything! I’m trying to remain calm, but so far, it’s not working. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
If you have any positive thoughts, vibes, prayers, energies – could you send a few this way?
I’m sure any parent would feel the way I do right now.

your thoughts?