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Yesterday, the kids went on a field trip with their daddy to a Pond.? I was battling a headache, and wasn’t able to accompany.

There wasn’t much to see, according to all in attendance, so it turned out to not be as exciting as I’d hoped.? We will go again in the spring.

So, today, we went outside, and walked the perimeter of our yard.

A few days ago, I stumbled onto this link, and thought it was the neatest thing since sliced bread! I found it on the Hearts and Trees blog.? I went, in search of our mysterious “bug wearing a t-shirt”, and thought I’d found him! I looked at the Assassin bug, but, alas, he is but a mere doppelganger!
Anyway, we headed for the garden, and found Mr. T-shirt Bug!

Man, if we could only get a close up look at this fella – we are dying to know who his people are.? If only…? wait! What’s this?

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Can you believe it?!!? Just lying there, dead, in our vegetable garden (after, no doubt, gorging himself on one of my tasty treats!)? We picked him up with a plastic fork (those double as garden markers, btw), and carried him inside for further investigation.? We felt like real science like people.? Poking and touching, lifting and pondering – jotting thoughts down…

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First order of business – what is he?? Welp, we still don’t know, but I think we’re sure he’s in the orthoptera Order.
What’s his name?? Because my children are dyed in the wool bred children of at least one Trekkie, they quickly decided to call the bug “Dead Jim!”

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