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Today, we kicked started our Outdoor Hour with a Nature Walk.

I want to start off by saying, taking a nature walk with 3 loud children is, well, challenging!? We couldn’t sneak up on any woodland critter, or passing flutterby… simply because of the noise factor.

BUT – we did take some pictures of flowers starting to bloom, a lizard (or a chameleon, we couldn’t seem to agree).

nature-004small lizard

The best part – we saw birds visiting our neighbor’s feeder!

mr-rogers-birds11 mr-rogers-birds3

Oh, it was so neat to watch.? We were all in amazement… and a tinge jealous, since we didn’t have any feathered visitors in our yard.? In their defense, though – we hadn’t put out any seed yet, either.

So, needless to say, we hurried home and filled up our feeders!!!

We have 4 seed feeders and 1 hummingbird feeder.? Birds must communicate via email, (or would that be technically b-mail), because within 2 hours, our yard was covered in birds!

nature-026 nature-020

OK – I exaggerated – not covered, but we sure weren’t starved for bird visitors!? The girls and I were camped at my office window (which faces the part of the yard where our feeders are), and just “oohed” and “ahhed” as each bird ate and flew off, and returned to repeat the process.

I’m no expert on birds, but I happened to find on my bookshelf of a gagillion books, a booklet entitled “An Identification Guide to Backyard Birds”? I think I was able to successfully identify ONE of the birds – a male cardinal!? Boy, are they beautiful!? We had 2 or 3 visit today.

I plan to go to Lowe’s and pick up some more feeders and a different type of seed – just to see what different birds we can attract.

In our front yard, we have an old wheel barrow that we tend to put seasonal annuals in (right now, they have pansies from the fall)

I’m looking to plant some butterfly friendly flowers there this year.? I can just see it – birds in the backyard, butterflies in the front!

Ah, who can see such beauty in the earth and not believe they were created? (Romans 1:20)

4 thoughts on “Nature Walk Monday!

  1. I love my birds. I have my feeders out but then this year decided to buy those that have a suction cup and you stick to the window. Oh, now you have to try that. The kids must stay still till the birds get used to the idea of being so close to people but it’s worth it.

    My boys still stand around and oohh and aaahhhh at the birds. It’s fun to watch.

  2. Cute, I am just too jealous, we still have about a foot of snow outside, though service was wonderful today. I can’t wait until these walks are everyday. Have they seen, there 1st robin of spring yet, my kids are still searching.

  3. First robin of spring… hmm – I think I need to grab that
    bird guide, because I can’t say for certain that I know what
    a robin looks like (blush).

    Funny – I never thought anyone would be jealous of blahzay winter’s here in Louisiana. I’d DIE for a few inches of snow!! Hope there’ll be snow in paradise! 😀

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