just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

I made another hat for my aunt last night. It’s a brim hat!

Anyway, I needed a model, and the kiddies were asleep.
I just finished a gallon jug of water (yup, I drank it all in one day!)
Anyway- I flipped it upside down, and slid the hat on it!


How cool is that?!!!
It even looks like a face!!!

Note: This may only work because, uh… big heads run in our family.
Oh, and if you’re not a water-a-holic like I am, you can use a milk jug!

Oh – I finally got around to snapping a pic of my new hook case!
It’s a super dooper easy pattern. Snag it here.

And with that – I officially end my Spring Crochet season. ๐Ÿ˜‰

your thoughts?