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Here’s a slightly updated image of our backyard Square Foot Garden…

I don’t have the huge grid yet, so I improvised, with scrap wood pieces and paint stirrers – it’s functional – and that’s what matters at this point!

Square Foot Garden

As of today, our garden area is growing:

Tomatoes (24 plants)
Bell Peppers (9 plants)
Carrots (I lost count!)
Radishes (see carrots above)
Eggplant (2)
Zucchini (10 plants)
Squash (2 plants)
Green Beans (36 plants)
Dill (2 plants)
Basil (2 plants)
Watermelon (9 plants)
Muskmelon (1 plant)
Iceberg Lettuce (10 plants)

Since the left side of the garden is where I’m interplanting, I’ll be adding various pepper plants – yellow, orange, cayenne & jalape?o

This is going to be interesting!

One thought on “More Green Hours…

  1. Oh, that looks great! We also started our garden. Sort of square foot garden type but with a twist. I’ve blogged about it. Can’t wait to see yours as it grows. Keep us posted.

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