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doing what Jackie does

I was so excited to try the halter on R this morning, but I didn’t know I was going to have to fight with her.
I finally got it on her with lots of “Oh, you’re so pretty. Mommy made you a really pretty shirt with crochet!”
But she wasn’t going to allow a camera around w/ her in it! 😆

So, I called in back up! E stood in and posed:


It’s a bit small on E, but it fits R just right… coming down to her belly button. I’m planning to make shorts to match, and she’ll be able to wear it for water play this summer.

The kids are crocheting! The kids are crocheting!!!!!
T has taken a real liking to crochet, even tho he said he preferred knitting. He’s actually making something that looks like something! After he’s used up his small ball of yarn, I’m going to give him a real project. He’s only done the basic chain and single crochet, with is enough to make a scarf, so that’s what we’ll probably start with.
He’s so excited!!! 😀

I’m very proud of him!

your thoughts?