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Tee hee – this week, we finished up our study of bees.

The girls did scrap-lap books. Ok, we used file folders as a scrapbook, so, ‘scrap-lap books!’

Bee Book Bee Book Bee Book Bee Book

Anyway – we discussed the life cycle of bees, how bees are different sizes (Queens are the largest ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and that bees dance to communicate with other bees. Very fascinating.

We watched a Reading Rainbow movie about bees, and learned how the bees make honey, and beeswax! Of course, Bee Movie was a hit … again! The kids still didn’t pick up on the learning part of the movie, but I’m not complaining!

T put his HTML skills to work, by building a web page about Bees. Click here to view his Bee findings.

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