just jackie…

doing what Jackie does

Yay! I’ve just finished up my oldest DD’s tank top.

DH says it’s too wide, so I see some altering in my future, but she loves it!

She loves the color – which is awesome, since she is the one that picked it out.
She loves how it feels against her skin (Another Yay!)

I’ll be starting the other tank soon. I worked more on my tank today.
I’ve only completed a row or two, but it was nice to hold it again.

The girls and I have been making dishcloths for grandmas. I’m actually very impressed with how the girls did.

Their cloths aren’t exactly square… two are more pyramid shape, and one is like a rounded off square, but they really did a great job!

:D? I know the recipients will be ever so appreciative!

your thoughts?