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Well, we’ve slowly gotten back into the swing of things, but 4 dental appointments in one week does not hold out much success for school!

Yesterday, Face asked a question that I couldn’t answer right away… “Why don’t we do sign language anymore?”

Good question!? It seems like in my desire to get back to normal, ASL got bumped off the list!? Not on purpose, just sorta happened.? I really want to learn/teach ASL.? I think it’s an awesome language skill to have that will benefit us/them in our volunteer work.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s been on our schedule for 3 years now, and every time we have Winter Break.. when we come back, it’s not on the schedule.

This last winter break was the straw that broke this camel’s back.? I feel as if I actually overscheduled our school day.? So, what can I do to revive the ASL…?

Well, since I hate long breaks in our schooling, I’m outlawing them! Ha Ha… no really, from now on, the most we can take off at a time is 5 days.? We will unschool for those time periods, but we can’t quit cold turkey!? It leaves behind too many casualties!

So, I’m already putting together a schedule for the summer.? And guess what is first – well, right after Bible Study – yup, ASL!? Even if we only do Bible Study and ASL over the summer, that will make this Mom-Teacher very happy!

Will it work? Of course!!? Ok, no really – it can’t hurt.? The summer break is harder on the kids than on me.? I’m tired of feeling like Homeschooling is a chore after Winter break. so hopefully, this will keep us motivated year-round.

I’m feeling very good about this approach, and I’ve even discussed it with my minions, children.? They’re on board with it.? (yay!)

Each summer, the kids participate in the Summer Reading Program through our library, and they enjoy it.? Since we’ve moved away from Twaddle books (or Dumbed-down, as the girls call it), we’re going to keep up with the amount of minutes read during the summer, instead of the number of books.? They’re on board with this, too! (another yay!)

You can bet that I’ll post about how this whole thing works out! Hopefully, it’ll inspire others who may suffer from After-the-long-break blues!

6 thoughts on “Looking to rearrange the schedule… again!

  1. Hey Jackie ~ it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who that happens too. =) Esp when hubby is off for the holidays its nearly impossible to get school done so I have given that battle up. But getting motivated to get back into the swing is hard.
    I started finding the weekends even making it hard, so I made Monday into Creative Monday. We craft, hand sew, or just paint to start our week. We have found this makes the week start off on a much better foot.
    Doing ASL during the summer is a good idea. 1) its fun to learn 2) it’ll keep them from getting bored & 3) it’s beneficial all the way around. =))
    Thinking of you & wish you all the best! ~ Jessica

    1. OK – I’m so loving the idea of Creative Monday!!! That’s so awesome sounding!

      I wonder if I have our Arts & Music Studies on Mondays… hmm… now the noggin is a rockin’ 😉

  2. I think your decision about the summer book reading is a good one. This will allow them to take time and enjoy their readings instead of speeding through books to accumulate large numbers. Good one mom! We also school over the summer. It’s not that bad because it gets so hot in July and August.

  3. I love ASL! The brother on the dvd’s, Jeremy, was here this past weekend along with Bro. Losch from the Governing Body. It was an exciting weekend for our local ASL group. My DD got to work with Jeremy in service Sat. morning and how encouraging that is.
    I am just so happy that my DD decided to jump in to the ASL group 2 years ago. It’s been nothing but one blessing after another. Teach your kids while they’re young….she’s 30….lol!
    Marilyn in NM

  4. We seem to have to rearrange our schedule bi-monthly. We have let Spanish go by the wayside far too much and have put it back on the calendar as well. And I’m planning to do the same thing about the breaks. We plan to keep going with math, reading, and Spanish/Italian through the summer so as not to have such a hectic schedule next year.

  5. Hey Sis – Maybe we can get to gether sometime this summer and plan a short, small, short (did I mention short?) play done in ASL? Tyrus has listed a play as one of his ideas/goals for next school year but this summer sounds like a good time to start next year 🙂 …Seems like ASL keeps becoming a casualty for us too.

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