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Well, as usual, I’ve stressed myself into a headache over what exactly to study. I knew we’d do something about Land, but, can I just say that there is a lot under the topic of land

  1. Land – Continents
  2. Land – Dirt/soil
  3. Land – Biomes
  4. Land – Rocks & Minerals
  5. Land – Volcanoes
  6. Land – Earth’s Layers
  7. Land…

See my point?

Anyway, after 3 days of pulling my hair out, I decided on Volcanoes. We’re learning about what causes volcanoes to erupt, famous Volcanoes, where they’re located, and we’ll top off this topic with 2 experiments.

The first one is the ever popular Mentos & Diet Coke explosion, and we’re going to build our own volcano, using this recipe. T is uber excited about these experiments, which makes me happy!

There will be lapbooks, of course. 😉

One thought on “Land Ho!!!

  1. Oh we had a great time with the diet soda and mentos explosions. It was a BLAST!! hehe Can’t wait to see your lapbook on this. One other favorite of ours is the alka-seltzer and water in one of those white/clear film canisters that have the pop in lid. I’m sure you all will have a great time doing those.

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